It took us awhile but Sullivan & Ward’s Iowa Law Blog is now live.  It was designed with the able assistance of LexBlog.  (The same company that designed and maintains this blog).

While Rush on Business tends to focus only on issues impacting Iowa businesses, we are taking a broader approach with the Iowa Law Blog to cover many different aspects of Iowa law.  I know many believe that a law blog (or any blog for that matter) should cover a niche topic.  However, I believe that a broader blog is better than no blog and it is frankly tough for a law firm of our size to have eight different niche blogs.  Besides the New Jersey Law Blog is a prime example of how a state law blog can achieve remarkable blogging success.

The Iowa Law Blog will focus on several legal areas including:

  • Utility law (the core of the law firm’s work for over 70 years);
  • Business Law;
  • Trust and Estates;
  • Trial and Mediation;
  • Employment Law;
  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Family Law; and
  • Real Estate

Similar to what Stark and Stark has done in New Jersey, we hope to keep businesses and individuals updated on legal and legislative developments in the Hawkeye State.  (Yes, you read that correctly despite the lack of wins and no offense).

We hope you find valuable information on the Iowa Law Blog and look forward to your comments.