Iowa trial lawyer Joe Gunderson was featured this past week during the Iowa Caucus on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.   Joe had the following comments regarding what it’s like to have Iowa in the national spotlight:

It’s fabulous because we get a rejuvenated civics lesson every four years. Our newspapers for the past few months have been filled with the political process and the issues of the day. The candidates get asked questions in Osceola about the Iraq war. In Orange City, they get asked about ethanol. In Fort Madison, they get asked about Social Security and Medicare. Just this morning, I was driving in downtown Des Moines and there were college students standing outside, underdressed in 10 degree weather, smiling and waving Obama signs. How could you be cynical about politics when you see that in the morning while driving to work.

It was kind of funny that the Law Blog expressed surprise Gunderson was a trial lawyer AND chaired President Bush’s Iowa campaign.  Only in Iowa, right?  Republican trial lawyers and Democrat defense lawyers like Gordon Fischer.   On the Iowa lawyer-advisor side, Joe mentioned Iowa lawyers Doug Gross (Romney) and Jerry Crawford (Clinton) in the story but apparently forgot about the younger Fischer and his advisor role on the Obama campaign.  Gordon accurately projected the huge turnout, which no one expected other than Ann Selzer, and helped lead the Obama campaign to victory. 

There’s change happening here in Iowa too.