As a blogger you may want to read this post from the Write Stuff on how to protect your online reputation

The post discusses how several employees have been fired from their jobs for writing controversial blog posts including a Web designer that shared stories and opinions about co-workers on a personal blog, an airline attendant who posted photos of herself in an empty jet, and the former CNN reporter who published opinionated entries on his blog.

As pointed out:

In each instance, the blogger’s justifications and legal arguments may be compelling. But that doesn’t change the fact that they all have one thing in common: Termination from lucrative positions that permanently clouds their employment histories.

The post goes on to give some great reminders including

  • Blog as if your employer is watching and behave accordingly.
  • Don’t mix business and personal matters.
  • Research company employee handbooks and/or consult HR before blogging.
  • Consider what you stand to gain against what you stand to lose.
  • If you are monetizing your blog check your company’s conflict of interest policy.
  • Blog truthfully and accurately.

Above all, whether you are blogging on a personal or business blog, you must be cognizant of whether your words and actions could damage and/or embarass your employer.  If so, you shouldn’t be surprised when you receive your pink slip. 

And also always remember the shortest corporate blogging policy:  "Be professional".