In this morning’s paper I noticed that Dear Abby a/k/a Jeanne Phillips dispensed a little advice concerning the sexual harassment of "Millie". 

While I didn’t have major problems with the advice in the column ("Dear Abby" thinks Millie should report the inappropriate behavior by one of the firm’s clients to her boss), I wondered why "Dear Abby" wouldn’t also mention that "Millie" should consult the advice of an employment lawyer.  Perhaps an employment lawyer would inform Millie about the need to follow the steps outlined in any employment handbook when reporting the harassment and her rights and responsibilities in the event that the employer does nothing to investigate or stop the harassment.  This includes the fact that Millie may need to file a civil rights claim if she intends to pursue any legal action. 

Just a thought but I always think it is important to get information and advice from someone that actually might be able to help you.  Many lawyers will provide a free consultation or work on a contingency in plaintiff’s cases, so you shouldn’t be afraid to seek the advice of a lawyer when the situation calls for it.