Twice a month I blog for IowaBiz which was acquired by the Des Moines Business Record this summer.  Since that time it appears the bloggers have stepped up their game.  The posts have been informative and entertaining.  I encourage you to take a look.

My post today for IowaBiz centers on the trend of hiring outside law firms on a non-billable hour basis.  It’s a trend I embrace and use frequently in my law practice.  Similar to the law firms mentioned in my post, I have already provided outside general counsel services to certain business clients based upon a mutually agreeable fixed monthly fee.  These clients receive a fixed monthly bill and do not receive bills for phone calls and overhead costs such as copying and postage.  I also have performed certain projects such as incorporation and LLC formation on a fixed rate and have also done so with contract review and writing.  No, I have not completely eliminated the billable hour from my practice but would love to do so.