Great post from Susan Reid on the Small Business Trends Web site on the 15 Ways the Olympics Exemplify Success for Small Business Owners.  In the comments of Reid’s post, Anita Campbell has some terrific words about West Des Moines, Iowa’s very own Shawn Johnson.  Johnson definitely made us all proud with her amazing attitude and fantastic performance.

But I’ll add one to Reid’s list:

Be Honest.  Although you may initially capture the gold it certainly won’t be worth the consequences if you are caught being dishonest.  It includes your dealings with the IRS, customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.  The dishonest small business owner will likely get sued, or worse, end up being prosecuted.  And with the Internet it is very hard to keep your reputation quiet.

photo of Shawn Johnson in butter at the Iowa State Fair on Flickr by Iowaarcheryboy.