Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of his time. He was such a lock going into the weekend of the PGA Championship that an Irish bookmaker actually paid out the winnings on Tiger before the third round even started — oops! I’ll admit that I never could have imagined Y.E. Yang would actually pull it out for a victory.

But all of this provides a good lesson about trial law. You just never know what will happen when you go in front of a jury or judge. The case you thought was a lock may not be so.  When we are in the role of representing the underdog (which is often the case) I love it when the other side says we can’t win. It motivates us, and frankly, it takes much of the pressure off. If you’re not supposed to win you have nowhere to go but up!

So thanks, Y.E.. You proved why the game must be played, no matter who is in the lead (or who thinks they have the case that can’t be beat).