Microsoft Iowa Litigation

The Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft begins tomorrow, November 13, 2006.  It is anticipated it may take weeks to pick the jury and the trial itself could take several months.  The jurors will be expected to complete a 31-page survey before the questions even begin.  Surveys are often used by Plaintiffs’ attorney, Roxanne

In pre-trial rulings, Polk County District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg has thrown out the "loss of innovation" damage claim alleged against Microsoft .  Plaintiffs’ counsel, Roxanne Conlin, had alleged that Microsoft’s market dominance prevented other software companies from developing products that competed with Microsoft’s web browser Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products.

The Judge sided

Judge Scott Rosenberg delivered yet another blow to Microsoft in the Iowa consumer case when he refused to limit the size of the Iowa class-action lawsuit.  Microsoft had argued the interests of volume buyers were not the same as consumers who made individual purchases.  Microsoft also argued that the plaintiffs could not show "that all

Here is an update to the ongoing Iowa consumer case against Microsoft:

Polk County, Iowa District Court Judge Scott Rosenberg has ruled that Roxanne Conlin is allowed to try the case against Microsoft.  Microsoft had filed a motion attempting to exclude Conlin on the basis that she had engaged in misconduct when she persuaded a

The six-year old Iowa private antitrust class-action against Microsoft is finally heating up.  The case is set for trial November 13, 2006 but yesterday a hearing was held on Microsoft’s allegations that Plaintiffs’ lawyer, Roxanne Barton Conlin, engaged in misconduct when she persuaded a Hewlett-Packard technician to give her internal documents from another case.