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Could Something as Generic as SEO Really Be a Registered Trademark?

The term "SEO" stands for search engine optimization and has been around for a decade.  Heck, I’ve probably been familiar with the term for about nine years.  I can’t imagine that someone could trademark a term as generic as SEO but that appears to be happening. Read Brett Trout’s blog for this interesting development. P.S.  This just in, … Continue Reading

BlawgIT has Moved to Its Own URL

Iowa’s first legal blog has moved to its own url at www.blawgit.com and new posts will no longer be available at its former blogger site. Iowa patent attorney Brett Trout has achieved remarkable success with his blog.  It is an award winning blog that provides tremendous information on patent, trademark and Internet law. Brett is also the author … Continue Reading

Today’s Lawyers Must Be Mindful of Social Media and Pretrial Publicity

Des Moines attorney Charles Kenville has a great post on the need for lawyers to be mindful of the new media exposure in their cases.  Chuck has a criminal law bent to his post but his reminder is just as true for civil cases. I know from experience that savvy businesses are acutely aware of … Continue Reading

CyberLaw: A Legal Arsenal For Online Business

If you operate an online business or you are thinking of starting one I recommend you pick up a copy of Cyberlaw:  A Legal Arsenal For your Online Business.  Written by Iowa intellectual property attorney Brett Trout the book is new and updated with lots more content than his previous version. This book still has the … Continue Reading

Iowa’s Toughest Attorney Seeks Match

TheDes Moines Business Record features Iowa patent attorney Brett Trout and his foray into Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) cage fighting.  Brett is seeking a cage match against an "attorney to be named later" with all the proceeds going to charity.  So do you have what it takes to get in the ring with this 6’4",250 lbs., intellectual property … Continue Reading

Trademark Law Primer

Iowa intellectual property lawyer Brett Trout offers a trademark law primer today on IowaBiz.com.  Brett points out that companies seeking to protect their trademarks should consider federal registration of those marks for valuable trademark protection.  He says, Once you start using your trademark in commerce, you obtain what are known as "common law" trademark rights.  … Continue Reading