Pennsylvania employment lawyer Michael Moore has an excellent post on Five Things Every HR Generalist Should Know about Retaliation Claims.  Michael notes that the number of retaliation claims rose 18% in 2007 to a record high, doubling since 1992.  His post covers the following areas:

  • What is unlawful retaliation?
  • What is "Adverse Action" by

Michael Moore of the Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog has an excellent post on the possibility of reverse discrimination when employers make decisions under the auspices of voluntary affirmative action plans, diversity programs, or even "risk management".  Michael says:

I am surprised by how many companies will select non-minority employees for layoff in a reduction in

Charlie Longbrief had just turned off his computer to end his day when the phone rang.  It was John Grains.  John owns the local grain elevator in Hometown, Iowa and Charlie has been his business lawyer for several years.

"Charlie, I’ve got a problem,"  he said. 

"Tell me about it," Charlie said.

"Well, I need to fire Nancy