"How could the Packers trade him?"

"What were the Packers thinking?"

"I just don’t understand it?"

I am writing to shed some light on this decision.  Favre turns 39 in October.  That means next year Favre would have entered a protected class for the purposes of age discrimination when he turned 40.  Sure, Favre may have had a decent season with the Packers this coming year (although he most assuredly will not for the Jets), but what about the following year?  Seriously, how many years does this guy have left?  Eventually he would have been benched in favor of a younger quarterback.

So Aaron Rodgers (age 24) steps into the role of starting quarterback now.  Rodgers may be untested but it makes perfect sense.  Trade Favre now and avoid the unpleasantness of an age discrimination claim by the all-time passing leader later.

So quit blaming the Packers’ president or general manager for this fiasco.  Everybody knows the lawyer is to blame.  

photo on flickr by *Jame*