The term "SEO" stands for search engine optimization and has been around for a decade.  Heck, I’ve probably been familiar with the term for about nine years.  I can’t imagine that someone could trademark a term as generic as SEO but that appears to be happening.

Read Brett Trout’s blog for this interesting development.

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Des Moines attorney Charles Kenville has a great post on the need for lawyers to be mindful of the new media exposure in their cases.  Chuck has a criminal law bent to his post but his reminder is just as true for civil cases.

I know from experience that savvy businesses are acutely aware

If you operate an online business or you are thinking of starting one I recommend you pick up a copy of Cyberlaw:  A Legal Arsenal For your Online Business.  Written by Iowa intellectual property attorney Brett Trout the book is new and updated with lots more content than his previous version. This book still has

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with one of my buddies.  He is an executive with a Fortune 500 company out-of-state and he was expressing his frustration with lawyers – actually his own lawyers.  He just got off the phone with one of his outside counsel when I called.  After talking with him for less than 30 seconds I