One of the things I love the most is providing proactive educational workshops to companies and other organizations.  Due to the ever-growing interest in the topic, I am pleased to announce that I am now offering a new legal training workshop for businesses, large and small, regarding social media. A custom workshop will be designed for your business to cover the following topics:

  • Overview of Social Media,

With emerging companies I am often asked about equity and stock options for employees. That process is often complicated and costly. Usually the reason I hear favoring the equity / options approach is that employers want their employees to "feel like they are a part of something." An admirable goal ineed but are equity /options necessary to

Our new startup company, Notifyworks, Inc. has officially launched its Web site today. You can check it out at The site also contains a blog which will cover client relations and legal technology issues.

Notifyworks is a software system that allow you to set up proactive notifications to clients that are timed to automatically

Once a mainstay of this blog, I have not written about employment law for quite some time. Since my franchise law practice has grown over the past few years, I’ve left it to Matt Brick from Brick Gentry to handle employment law issues in the office.  On the blogging side there are many great employment law blogs

Earlier this week I applied for a charge card for my new business. As a part of the application, I was informed that I would need to personally guarantee charges, not only for my card, but also the cards of any other people under the account. Fortunately, this did not come as a surprise because I had

Matt Brick has a super webinar on our Brick Gentry Web site on the Changes to Iowa Employment Law and Legislation. Employment law is a constantly shifting area of the law that has serious consequences for employers, even when making a good faith mistake. Matt’s presentation covers important developments in employment law for both public and private

I often received questions about whether a worker should be classified as an independent contractor or employee. In fact a blog post on Employees v. Independent Contractors is still one of the most popular posts ever on my blog even though I wrote it over three years ago.

In a couple of recent blog posts, Brick

Listen and watch the premiere Brick Gentry, P.C. webinar from immigration lawyer Austin Kennedy on our new Brick Gentry Web site. Austin’s presentation is on Achieving Lawful Permanent Residency in the United States Through the Labor Certification Process.

We are currently in the process of developing presentations on franchise and LLC issues. Register for

In drafting noncompete agreements, employers and their lawyers often drafting language that prohibits a former employee from soliciting the customers or clients of the employer. The problem is this language often does not go far enough to protect the former employer.

This scenario occurred in a recent case we handled for an employee. He was

I am really pleased to report that we have made significant progress on Brick Gentry’s legal Webinars. We hope to have them up and running within the next couple of months. My first Webinar will be on franchise due dligence. 

Keep a look out for our new Brick Gentry Web site developed by CreateWowMarketing.