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Could Something as Generic as SEO Really Be a Registered Trademark?

The term "SEO" stands for search engine optimization and has been around for a decade.  Heck, I’ve probably been familiar with the term for about nine years.  I can’t imagine that someone could trademark a term as generic as SEO but that appears to be happening. Read Brett Trout’s blog for this interesting development. P.S.  This just in, … Continue Reading

The Biker Bites the Dog

The Lance Armstrong Foundation has sued an Oklahoma pet collar manufacturer for trademark infringement over the use of its Barkstrong and Purrstrong animal collars.  The pet collars are sold by Animal Charity Collar Group, a Tulsa for-profit operation that sells its tic and flea collar for $6.99, while a "support collar" costs $4.99. The Oklahoma company … Continue Reading