Congratulations to Vince Basile of Aerospace Geartech who is featured in an article about the Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) in today’s Des Moines Register Business section.

Executive Director Mike Colwell worked with Vince to obtain grants through the Iowa Department of Economic Development and DMACC in order to purchase two manufacturing businesses (one from Ilinois and one from Florida) and move them to Iowa.  Colwell also helped Vince with his business plan and other strategic issues. 

Vince is an example of how persistance pays off.  He would tell you that his search for a business was not easy.  He looked at many different businesses until he found the right one (I guess two) for him.   He is now in a business that fits his skill set and passions.  He is extremely resourceful which will serve him well as he moves forward with his new business venture.

I also cannot say enough about the guidance and expertise of Mike Colwell.  Every time I talk with him I learn something new about business and entrepreneurship.  Central Iowa businesses are extremely lucky to have such a great new resource.  If you are a start-up entrepreneur or a business looking for growth or capital, I highly recommend talking with Mike.  BIZ does not actually make investments in companies but it does help entrepreneurs locate grants and find investors.  BIZ is also able to provide assistance with improving business plans and open up valuable networking opportunities for new entrepreneurs.  The thing I like best is that Mike won’t always tell you what you want to hear.  His objectivity and honesty is refreshing.