As regular readers of this blog know, I am engaged in a never ending search for blogs that present franchise opportunities in a fair and objective manner.  All too often franchise related sites are merely promotional pieces. 

FranchisePick is a site worth checking out.  Yes, there are some promotional pieces on the site.  But franchise marketing veteran, Sean Kelly, has done an excellent job of presenting worthwhile information on several franchises.   

For example, recent posts on 30 minute workout franchises are hard hitting and full of information.  The experiences shared on the site are invaluable for anyone who is interested in making an investment in a franchise.  Sean likes to have fun, including making fun of my name, but he is on a serious mission to expose unethical practices in the franchise industry and encourage best practices.

Sean has a number of other sites covering the franchise industry including FRANBEST, Franchisor Marketing, and Franchisee Marketing.  He is also the President of IdeaFarm which specializes in helping franchise companies achieve growth through brand development and innovative marketing techniques.

Thanks to Sean for reaching out to me and exposing me to his sites.