The Central Iowa Blogga Nostra gathers this Friday morning (Oct. 5) at the Panera on University in West Des Moines.  I encourage you to come join us.  What a diverse and interesting group!  It is absolutely amazing how this group has supported one another.  Collectively we have achieved much more than we could have on our own.  We have marketers, blog coaches, consultants, small business owners, financial gurus, accountants, tech geeks, growth capitalists, executive coaches and  . . . even lawyers. 

Some of my favorite posts over the past week from fellow Central Iowa Bloggers:

Taking Responsibility by Michael Libbie of Insight Advertising.  Michael follows-up on my blog post about the disclosure of anonymous bloggers.  Michael is a big believer that responsible blogging means you should not be able to hide behind your anonymity and say any darn thing you want.

Now THIS is an Elevator Speech by Timothy Johnson of Carpe Factum.  Too funny!

Lessons Learned from a Game of Tag by Central Iowa Financial Planner Art Dinken of Moment on Money.  As Art says,

An experienced professional, in any field, is not just someone who knows what to do. Equally important are the lessons they have learned from past experiences which have taught them when NOT to do.

Also, congratulations to Tom Green and Amy Hunold-VanGundy on the launch of their Runners Lounge Web site.  This running community site is pretty cool and already has a great following thanks to their blog started this past May.