A Des Moines Register article discusses how many bosses are unwilling to allow night shift workers to caucus.  Understandably this makes politically active employees a little upset.  The article quotes a Medicom employee who said,

"It made me so furious. I raised such a fit I’m surprised they didn’t send me home."

It’s true that Iowa law does not require employers to give employees time off so they can caucus.  But as I have pointed out before it is my view that treating employees with respect is one of the best ways to avoid employee lawsuits.  An employer should ask themselves whether a few hours away from work every four years would really hurt production?  But think of the goodwill that could occur by respecting the employees’ desire to participate in the political process.  Do you think you might have more committed and loyal employees?

At least the Des Moines Police Department gets it because police officers working on the night shift will have the opportunity to caucus provided they have made the request in advance and calls for service allow them to do it.

Update:  The Des Moines Register reported in its Sunday edition that the Medicom worker described above will now be allowed to participate in the caucus.