The Des Moines Register had an article about how support has poured in for a Pizza Hut Delivery driver that was suspended from work after he shot an alleged armed robber.  The employee had a valid handgun permit but a Pizza Hut human resources representative indicated that employees are not allowed to carry guns "because we (Pizza Hut) believe that is the safest for everybody."

I saw a clip where the delivery driver spoke with the TV media and he was obviously shaken by the incident.  He said he appreciated the fact his employer had given him the time off without automatically taking action against him. 

I know many readers on the Register blogs have been critical of Pizza Hut but they appear to be handling this difficult situation rather cautiously.  They have not terminated the driver at this time but rather have suspended the employee pending an investigation. 

Public opinion is definitely in favor of the driver.  Even a state senator has publicly stated his position that the company would be wrong to fire the driver and vows to stop buying Pizza Hut products if the driver is fired.  So this is a tough one for the company and there are no easy answers.  I don’t envy the employer’s position on this one. 

Ultimately I suspect the employer will enforce its policy but I will let you know as this unfolds.

photo on flickr by hashcakes.