Microsoft Iowa Litigation

The Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft resumed this week with testimony from the first live witness in the trial, Ronald Alepin.  Alepin is a computer consultant and a technology advisor with MOFO in San Francisco.  Groklaw has some interesting information about Alepin and his past dealings with Microsoft.

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The opening statements have ended in the Iowa consumer class action against Microsoft.  The Plaintiffs’ side of the evidence began on Friday with the Plaintiffs playing a video taped deposition of Bill Gates from 1998.  The deposition was taken during the government case against Microsoft back in the 90s. 

Sources have said Gates was "evasive"

The Plaintiffs, represented by Roxanne Conlin, finally ended the longest opening statement in Iowa trial history (I am joking but I believe it to be true) in the consumer class action case against Microsoft.  Microsoft’s lead trial attorney, David Tulchin of Sullivan & Cromwell said he felt like he had waited a long time

The Plaintiff continued with their sixth day of opening statements as the week ended.  Roxanne Conlin is expected to turn over the opening to her co-counsel soon for a discussion regarding damages.  According to reliable sources, Microsoft does not plan on taking nearly as long to lay out their side of the case.

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Plaintiffs’ attorney Roxanne Conlin has decided not to call Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in her case-in-chief, contrary to her earlier strategy.  Conlin reconsidered her position after Judge Rosenberg ruled that Microsoft could question Gates and Ballmer directly after Conlin rather than waiting until Microsoft presented its side of the case.  Instead, Conlin will now

The Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft has officially begun.  Roxanne Conlin began her opening statements Friday.  Her case will include nine separate stories about how Microsoft has undercut competitors and acted illegally.  She will focus not only on IBM and Linux but also lesser known companies such as Go Computers and Acer Co. 

The opening statements in the Iowa Mircosoft litigation were delayed today.  Pre-trial instructions took hours.  Check out Brett Trout’s blog.  He sat in on the trial today.

Here is something to keep in mind.  If opening statements are tomorrow, I’ll bet that Roxanne Conlin takes all the day and more to give her opening. 

Opening statements in the Iowa consumer class action case against Microsoft begin November 30, 2006.  Several readers each day have been hitting this blog reading posts relating to the case.  To make it easier for readers I have added a Microsoft Iowa Litigation category on the right side of the blog.  This should make it