Want some great business advice?  Looking for something interesting?  Try out these posts:

Matt Gardner has an interesting post on his Wealth and Estate Planning blog about the "pot of gold" Iowa landowners are sitting on because of the renewable energy craze and why they should review their estate plan.  (Sounds like Iowa farmers have something in common with today’s hip-hop stars  – both ignore estate planning). 

Michael Moore (this one’s no sicko) talks about what not to do when it comes to employment record retention / destruction policies on his Pennsylvania Employment Law Blog.  Michael has written some great material on this subject and has some terrific comments on this blog as well. 

Roy F. Harmon III addresses record retention for ERISA Plan administrators on his Health Plan Law blog.

Carl Lingren shares key interviewing tips for employers on his Employer Ease blog.

Brett Trout says technology lawyers are so hot but have you seen this guy’s face lately.  (Trust me, there is a story there).