Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer of Manpower, has a terrific employment law blog post any small business owner should read.  Toth’s blog is creative and fun and his advice is right on the mark.  Follow his greatest hits and you are much more likely to stay out of trouble with your employees.

I particularly agree with Toth’s Employment Law Golden Rule:

Treat all employees the way you would want to be treated — honestly, objectively, consistently and fairly on a timely basis.

See also my blog post on Seven Ways to Avoid Employee Lawsuits.  Toth and I have very similar thoughts on this subject.  My number 1:  Treat Employees with Respect.  Seems like a basic philosophy but it is amazing how many employers forget to treat their employees with respect.  Employees that are humilated or treated in a disrespectful way are much more likely to sue your company.