Terri Rasmussen of the Ohio Practical Business Law Counsel blog says that every client should want a lawyer that blogs.  As you might guess, I agree. 

Why is it important, you ask?  Terri shares her thoughts (with some comments by me):

  1. Knowledgeable Entrepreneur.  The blogging lawyer thinks in broader terms about what they want to know and what they can offer to clients.
  2. Communication 101.  Connecting in a simple, straight-forward manner is key.
  3. Authenticy and Real Voice.  You get to see the personality of the lawyer. 
  4. Quality and Competence.  There is some ability to assess the quality and competence of the lawyer you are thinking about hiring.  No way to do that with a yellow pages ad.  This is where Terri makes perhaps her best point.  Any lawyer that is willing to put themselves out there and open up to scrutiny ought to be high on the list of any client.
  5. Commitment to the Law Made Practical.  Most clients want to deal with a lawyer that just isn’t in it for the money.  Why not consider a blogging lawyer that not only spends their spares time writing but also GIVES AWAY practical information to help people?  Blogging lawyers care.

Like Terri, I strive to have fun and help people through my blog and there is no question it has made me a much more effective lawyer.  Blogging is an educational process.  Not just for the reader but especially for the writer.  Without blogging I would never get to learn from great lawyers like Terri.