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Today’s Lawyers Must Be Mindful of Social Media and Pretrial Publicity

Des Moines attorney Charles Kenville has a great post on the need for lawyers to be mindful of the new media exposure in their cases.  Chuck has a criminal law bent to his post but his reminder is just as true for civil cases. I know from experience that savvy businesses are acutely aware of … Continue Reading

Business Lawyer Says Every Client Should Want a Lawyer that Blogs

Terri Rasmussen of the Ohio Practical Business Law Counsel blog says that every client should want a lawyer that blogs.  As you might guess, I agree.  Why is it important, you ask?  Terri shares her thoughts (with some comments by me): Knowledgeable Entrepreneur.  The blogging lawyer thinks in broader terms about what they want to … Continue Reading

I List Expanded

Mike Sansone and Drew McLellan have developed the I List – a list that showcases the power of blogs in Iowa.  While Mike did a great job of compiling the list, some notable Iowa law blogs are missing from the list including Jennifer Jaskolka-Brown’s family law blog, George Davision’s Law Blog, Bill Grell of Huber … Continue Reading

Central Iowa Blogga Nostra Grows in Popularity

There is a nice article in the Business Record by Amanda Ripp this week about the Central Iowa Blogga Nostra gaining momentum and growing in popularity.  I am continually impressed with the quality of individuals and business people who are blogging in Central Iowa.  The article features several quotes from members of the Blogga Nostra extolling … Continue Reading

Identity of Anonymous Bloggers May Be Revealed

Bloggers who hide their real identities may want to pay particular attention to a recent case.  A Texas judge has ordered the discovery of an anonymous blogger who posted alleged defamatory comments about a hospital located in Paris, Texas.  The ruling is likely to be appealed. Anonymous users also posted comments on the blog which the hospital … Continue Reading

George Davison Iowa Law Blog

Des Moines, Iowa lawyer and broadcaster George Davison shares his interesting insight and resources on George Davison Iowa Law.  Many of you may know George from his work on WHO radio as a news anchor.  He sports one of the best all-time radio voices I have heard.  George is also an adjunct professor at DMACC … Continue Reading

Sullivan & Ward Iowa Law Blog Coming Soon

I am excited to announce that the Sullivan & Ward law firm will publish its Iowa Law Blog beginning in mid to late August.  The firm’s law blog will cover general legal issues inlcuding the following areas of law: Utility and electric cooperative law; Business law; Trusts and estates; Family law; Real Estate law; Trial & … Continue Reading