Howard Hagen and Jeffrey Andersen of The Dickinson Law Firm have started the Iowa Banking Law Blog.  This is sure to be a helpful resource for the Iowa banking industry. 

A recent post on the Iowa Supreme Court’s dismissal of an antitrust class action against Visa and MasterCard caught my eye.  It appears there will be limits to the "indirect purchaser" argument featured in the Comes v. Microsoft case.  Jeffrey says, 

"… the court made it clear that the expansive language of Comes (stating that Iowa law creates a cause of action for “all consumers regardless of one’s status as a direct or indirect purchaser) does not give standing to all consumers injured by anticompetitive behavior.  Even if adversely affected by anticompetitive behavior, consumers will not have antitrust standing under Iowa law unless they are direct or indirect purchasers of the product in question."

I also appreciated the nice compliment concerning my article on Document Retention and Electronic Discovery.  If you are in banking and business I would say this is a blog you will want to place on your feedreader or favorite list.